Over the last 30 years, Basel and its trans-border urban agglomeration, which sprawls into Germany and France, has become a centre for contemporary architecture.

Copyright: MCR Lab Universität Basel / Regio Basiliensis

The core and foundation of the city are based on an architectural structure which has been able to develop undisturbed by major destruction since the 14th century, when an earthquake devastated the town in 1356. Even the wars of the last century have passed this structural contiuum by, without causing much damage. Today, at the beginning of the 21st century, Basel offers an architectural panorama the like of which is rarely found in Europe.

WCT offers full- and half-day tours of this urban environment. The programme is organised along the criteria of the "peripatetic" town, i.e. a metropolitan space the borders of which can be reached from the centre on foot and by bicycle without ever leaving the built-up area. This urban spread does not correspond to a satellite view of the city as seen, for instance, on Google Earth or Google Street View. WCT aims at giving you a live experience.


WCT trademarks are topicality, sound specialist knowledge in the fields of architecture and fine arts, professional presentation techniques and an approach based on sensual awareness. We believe that architecture (our "lead actor") and fine arts (our "supporting actor") are best experienced in the context of space, conception, material, colour and light but also as components of the present and the past and encompassing the external influences of sun and rain as well as smells and sounds.

Itinerary 1 is designed to flexibly integrate clients' wishes. All other itineraries can be booked by groups, some also by individuals. Some tours include travel by minibus or boat taxi.

For the WCT programme see the following book.

More information about Basel you can find at www.basel.ch